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How do you compare with the latest publisher benchmarks for digital branded content?

Busy times for premium publishers: they are juggling an average of 18 brand partnerships. Make that 33 for the top 20% of publishers. It's obviously time well spent because Contalto's branded content benchmarks also tell us that the brand-publisher relationship is often very strong, with 5 of these 18 partnerships (28%) being exclusive, i.e. the brand worked with no other publisher in the past 12 months. So, are you getting your fair share of the branded content action?

Content is king but context is queen, and knowing your competitive context - where you stand against industry benchmarks and which brands are active with which publishers - is just one of the benefits of a Contalto subscription. To make it easier to access this competitive intelligence, as well as unlimited creative inspiration, we recently launched Contalto 'Core', a new subscription tier with an entry price as low as $/€299 per month.

Full details, including free trial, are available here.


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