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Get started with free campaign alerts

A daily email from Contalto notifying you of newly published branded content campaigns for brands, publishers
or sectors of interest.

Be among the first to know when your competitors launch new branded content campaigns

Keep track of all new content for key industry sectors

Choose up to 10 brands, 5 publishers, 3 sectors

For each notified item, see brand, publisher and
campaign name

Free for four weeks

Follow included links to visit original content
on publisher-hosted domain.

A single email per day (Mon-Fri) from listing web content items added to the Contalto database in the prior 24hrs
that conform to your specifications at the brand, publisher or sector level. No email is sent if no applicable content was found overnight.

No-commitment sign-up. Prior to the end of your 4-week alert trial, you will be invited to subscribe to Contalto alerts at the quoted price. 

Email alerts are just the tip of the iceberg. Schedule a demonstration to learn about Contalto's capabilities.

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