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Meet Contalto. Our new platform is such a game-changer that we decided to rebrand.

Contalto is the next generation Content Intelligence Platform.

Built on the foundation of the BC Intel platform launched in 2019 by DM Squared, Contalto is a strong innovation rather than the simple evolution of a product already widely acclaimed by some of the biggest names in the media and advertising industry..

“Contalto is the next-generation Content Intelligence Platform"

The new app (, which will be available to our clients from Monday, November 8, 2021, takes the fundamentals of its predecessor and elevates them to a new level of sophistication for this type of marketing intelligence.

New UI, UX and functionality

While competitive intelligence, creative inspiration and market insights remain the main use cases of Contalto, the application now relies on a completely redesigned interface for a better user experience and on widely extended functionalities and more AI:

  • New content analytics,

  • Customizable content feeds,

  • Private moodboards and public collections,

  • Powerful semantic search,

  • Intuitive content discovery and recommendation,

  • Flexible and easy-to-use crosstabs,

  • A dashboarding tool with a library of dashboards,

  • A dataviz module and customizable widgets on all pages,

  • and much more...

Contalto is ready for new evolutions that will punctuate the year 2022.

As you can understand, Contalto allows us to be ambitious in accompanying our clients and their content to new peaks.


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