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Now EVERYONE can stay up-to-date with the latest digital branded content campaigns.

Introducing a simple and engaging way to share Contalto access across teams, offices or your entire organisation.

The value of a Contalto subscription received a major boost today with the launch of "Feed-Only" user accounts. This empowers Contalto users to grant access to anyone in their organisation to always-live content feeds - whether total content or custom feeds by brand, publisher, sector etc.

Although these latest members of the Contalto user base forego some functionality, they can browse digital branded content across 220+ publishers, search through 11,000+ brands, and perform powerful keyword search within the content of campaigns.

year on year growth in number of digital branded content campaigns

Browsing content has never been easier with options to view a screenshot, visit the campaign, or add to your own collection of noteworthy campaigns.

Contalto at a glance:

220+ Publishers

11,000+ Brands

55,000 Content Items

Contact us to learn more about how Contalto can reach everyone in a need-to-know position across your company.


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