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Need to see your competitors' dark posts? With Contalto, now you can!

New, and exclusively from Contalto:

Paid Social Media Intelligence for Digital Branded Content

  • Covering paid social posts (ads)

  • with a clear brand-publisher relationship

  • within 24hrs of going live

  • on Facebook + Instagram

  • and with other networks to be added

After an intense development phase, we're excited to add paid social coverage to Contalto's branded content intelligence service. It's a key element of most digital branded content campaigns, and our subscribers can now join the dots between the 60K+ web articles and campaigns in our database, and the social posts that promote them across Facebook and Instagram.

So, now our users can finally shine a light on 'dark posts' to gauge levels of social amplification at the campaign, brand, publisher and sector level. In doing so, they can view any post - even when the campaign is no longer live - and follow the links within the post to understand the CTA.

Read on for some quick facts based on an analysis of the 5,000 posts tracked by Contalto during July and August this year...


82% of publishers use paid social promotion as part of their branded content strategy.

In 71% of cases, this is to amplify publisher-hosted branded content campaigns on behalf of their client brands, while 22% of these paid posts link directly to the brand's site.

*'Other' includes pure social (no links), 3rd-party e-commerce and event registrations.


Paid branded content is 60% more likely to be found on Facebook than Instagram

Factoring in the 27% of posts that appear on both networks, 78% are found on Facebook versus 49% on Instagram.


Travel & Tourism is the top sector by volume of paid posts...

But a number of other B2C-led sectors also over-index* for social promotion.

*Index of share of paid social posts vs. share of web content.

Contact us to learn more about Contalto's social intelligence for branded content, to see a demo, or start a free trial.


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