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ESG + Digital Branded Content = a perfect match

The volume of ESG-themed content has grown dramatically over the past year, and for good reason...

Our new insight report investigates the growth trend and sheds light on the many intertwined sub-branches of the 'E', the 'S' and, to a lesser extent, the 'G'.

Download Contalto's ESG insight report

Selected Findings:

ESG content volume has more than doubled over the past 12 months.

Growth in ESG content versus growth in total digital branded content

B2B communication is the driving force behind the explosion in ESG-related content, now accounting for over 80% of the total.

Spplit between B2B and B2C-targeted ESG content, 2020-2022

European headquartered brands have been quicker to use branded content to convey their ESG narrative.

Proportion of ESG-themed content by geographical region

Download the full report: How Companies Use Branded Content to Underscore Their ESG Credentials.


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