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Brand language is changing. How fluent are you?

How do you know what a brand stands for? Look at their branded content.

Here at Contalto, that's exactly what we do - hundreds of times every day - so that our subscribers receive the competitive intelligence and creative inspiration that they crave.

We make sense of the digital branded content market not only by brand, publisher and sector, but also by content theme, storytelling archetype, branding level and more.

It's how we know that, for example, almost half of B2B content now talks about Sustainability, ESG and the related themes of DE&I, Climate Change and The Energy Transition.

To make it easy for media sellers, agencies and brands to stay on top of brand messaging from over 13K B2B and B2C brands, we recently launched 'Contalto Core', which starts from just $/€299 per month.

Full details, including free trial, available here.


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