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Contalto has evolved from the former 'BC Intel' service to offer practical solutions to all branded content practitioners. 

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Competitive Intelligence

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New Business


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Identify new sales prospects via analysis of exclusive, lapsed and returning brands.

Uncover growth opportunities by identifying content trends and untapped or under-performing sectors.

Use Contalto's intelligence to give yourself an unfair advantage in pitches and presentations. 

Know Your


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Understand your competitive context by comparing your content profile with that of your competitors.

Profile content by:

Sector (industry vertical) and sub-sector

Brand and advertiser

Target (B2C / B2B)

Time Period

Content Type (ad feature, branded video etc.)

Brand Origin (country, region)

and more...

Stay Informed

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Leverage Contalto's customisation and automation options to keep up with the content action. 

Create, schedule and share custom competitor dashboards and content feeds with your colleagues.

Add competitor brands, advertisers or publishers to your Watch List to receive email alerts detailing any new campaign activity.

Tailor alerts to specific teams and distribution lists.

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Creative Inspiration

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Nail Every
Creative Brief

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Extract key elements from a creative brief and enter them into Contalto to view a curated feed of existing campaigns with similar characteristics.

Match brief to Contalto based on...

Content topics, themes and keywords

Sector (industry vertical) and sub-sector

Content formats (videos, audio, infographics etc.)

Story archetypes and emotional vs. rational content

and more...

Curate the
Best Content

Content curation icon


Create your own collections of the most striking and inspiring content and share these with your team.

Use Contalto as your mood board via the

Campaign Collections feature.

Search or filter campaigns and add the most

relevant ones to a new or existing collection.

Let other Contalto users in your organisation see your collections or share a link with non-users to view the same content.

Every Time


Business pitch icon

Get a head start in any pitch by knowing the full history of your prospective client's branded content output, as well as that

of their key competitors.

Stay on top of creative

trends including content formats and storytelling.

Know what brands are talking about via Contalto's taxonomy of topics and themes, plus full keyword search of campaign content. 

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Market Insight

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Market sizing icon

Size the


Quantify the digital branded content marketplace across key dimensions...

In total, by sector (industry vertical) or sub-sector

Publisher and publisher genre

Brand/advertiser region and country

Content type, source and target


Content topics and themes

and more...

Uncover trends, understand seasonality

and view year-on-year change.

Share the


Intelligence sharing icon

Choose from our library of reports, modify as needed, or create your own dashboard from scratch.

Schedule and share weekly, monthly or quarterly dashboards to keep all business stakeholders informed.

Achieve in a few clicks what previously took days to partially discover via desk research.

Without Limits

Analyse without limits icon


Contalto's analysis module lets

you crosstab virtually anything

with anything.

Choose from our library of analyses or create your own by specifying columns, rows, data source, period and display options. 

Contalto braned content overview report

Seeing is Believing...

Get in touch to see first-hand how the Contalto platform can help your specific use case.